Papers from the 12th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems, EEMODS’22

This Topical Collection contains selected, peer-reviewed papers presented at the 12th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems, EEMODS’22. As with previous conferences in this series, EEMODS’22 provided a scientific forum to discuss and debate the latest developments and impacts of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment, energy efficiency policies and programmes adopted and planned, standards (including ISO 50.001), and the technical and commercial advances made in the dissemination and penetration of energy-efficient motor systems. Topics covered include: technologies, research and innovation in the areas of electric motors from life cycle costing to 3D printing to artificial intelligence/machine learning-based monitoring systems; emerging motor technologies; power electronics and drives; pump systems, including life cycle costing, energy efficiency improvements, maintenance, and operation for industrial, water supply and treatment, building, and irrigation; compressed air systems; fans /exhaust systems; refrigeration systems maintenance and operation; mechanical power transmission; motors in household appliances and HVAC (residential and commercial); motors and drives for transport applications including policies, programmes, regulation, and international standards; industrial management policies and standards; motor system audit and verification; policies, programmes and financing: analysis of motor system energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for motor systems, e-vehicles and related charging infrastructure; harmonization of global motor efficiency test standards; evaluation of utility programmes for improving energy efficiency in motor systems; and policy implementation, market surveillance and enforcement mechanisms, including case studies.


  • Prof. Peter Radgen

    Peter Radgen is the Director of the Graduate and Research School for Energy Efficiency Stuttgart (GREES). After studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, and at INSA (Lyon), he completed his PhD on Energy Optimization of Industrial Processes at the University of Duisburg. Between 1995 and 2008, he was Director of the Energy Efficiency section at Fraunhofer ISI (Karlsruhe). From 2008 to 2015, he worked for the energy provider E.ON where he was responsible for research into energy stores and from 2010 had full responsibility for the research program into CO2 deposits and storage.


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