International Policy Responses to the Energy Crisis Triggered by the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: A Global Comparison of Best Practices.

The aim of this special issue is to collect recent information on the exposure of countries and regions to the policy measures taken to combat the energy crisis triggered by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The measures discussed and appraised will encompass energy savings and efficiency policies with different designs. In fact, it is exactly those policies and measures related to saving energy and using it more efficiently that have been underexposed both in the political response to the crisis and the academic coverage, although they have the potential to sustainably address both the energy and climate crises in the long term. The findings communicated in this special issue will provide critical knowledge and improved understanding on the strategies by different countries developed to counteract the energy crises. There is also the option to fill out an Annex for a specific country. Based on the Annex information the special issue editors will write a paper which would compare the different countries and those filling out Annexes will be co-authors of this paper.


  • Prof. Dr. Regina Betz

    Head Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE) School of Management and Law (SML) Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Switzerland Head, Head of Center for Energy and the Environment(CEE) Expertise and research interests: Design and evaluation of policy instruments such as taxes and market based approaches to combat climate change, air pollution, enhance energy efficiency or uptake of renewable energy. Experimental economics.

  • Tetiana Kurbatova

    Ph.D in Economics, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer at the International Economic Relations Department of Sumy State University. Her research interests include renewable energy, energy policy, energy economics, low-carbon economies, sustainable development, and environmental policy. She is a leader and a contributor of research projects in above fields, author of numerous research papers, including papers in international peer- reviewed journals.


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