SI: Bridging the gap between physical, natural and social sciences: Critical essays and case studies in the interface of societies, land degradation and desertification

Helen Briassoulis was one of those people that managed what was considered as unmanageable: bridging the gap between physical, natural and social sciences in the fields of soil degradation and desertification and the (mis)management of the commons. Her contributions of studying and applying spatial and environmental planning, most notably in the fields of soil degradation and land use, provided pathways for a critical understanding of the interplays of physical and social forces, “fast” and “slow” processes and managing complex socio-ecological systems. In this special issue/section we want to bind together critical essays and case studies that touch aspects of this interface. The thin red line that binds them all together are processes of land management, especially in areas where this is critical for degradation and/or conservation of land resources. Issues that can be included are: -Issues of time scale(s) in land management processes and policy approaches; -Local vs regional policy planning in land management: upsides and downsides of different planning spatial levels; -Engaging landowners and actors in combating land degradation: how can we hear more local voices? And how can indigenous world views be incorporated into land management planning? -Depopulation vs desertification: different sides of the same coin? The listing is indicative and non-exhaustive. Any submission that fits the frame set by the description will be considered.


  • Thanasis Kizos

    University of the Aegean, Department of Geography, Greece

  • Vassilis Detsis

    Harokopio University, Department of Economics and Sustainable Development, Athens, Greece

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