Special Issue: Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Public Health

In the last few years, many critical gaps have been uncovered at the nexus between engineered systems and public health through interdisciplinary science, data analysis, and rapid response. Across a multitude of contexts, scholars and practitioners have responded to many societal challenges through cross-disciplinary research that aims to support agencies and organizations with engineering, infrastructure, and public health needs and across settings where public and personnel health and safety intersect with natural and built environments. This special issue will highlight recent research, development, and data analytic advancements that bridge the unmet needs for cross-disciplinary approaches to strategically integrate public health, engineering, and social science fields. Collectively, this special issue will inform readers of new risk governance and management strategies and data analytic approaches through all phases of hazard and crisis management (i.e., preparation, response, recovery, mitigation), and by addressing the diverse array of natural and manmade hazards and crises that may unfold as acute or chronic threats. Submission Instructions Papers should be submitted electronically through the journal’s website at Within the Submit Manuscript page, select the Special Issue Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Public Health. Papers received after the deadline or papers not selected for inclusion in the Special Issue may be accepted for publication in a regular issue. Please refer to the journal’s submission guidelines for detailed guidelines.


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