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Holding the Line Is Holding Back Environmentalism

  • Joe Whitworth


Modern environmentalism is in need of a major overhaul. Despite some progress over the past generation, the majority of today’s environmental groups have been using the same set of tactics that have been used since the environmental movement took hold in the 1960s and 1970s. The tools originally built for the job worked at one time, but today they’re no longer keeping up with our evolving problems. As a result, environmentalists are obtaining an ever smaller return on their investment. Despite all the advocacy, legal victories, and public and private funding that have been funneled into environmental efforts, our waterways are in many ways far worse off today than they were a half century ago. As sad as it sounds, our combined efforts have added up to little more than a speed bump placed in front of a car with superb shock absorbers. To address the magnitude of the environmental challenges that confront us, we must revamp our approaches, and we must do so at a fundamental level. The time to patch, tinker, and improve parts here and there is done. We must change a much broader system, and that means a new environmentalism altogether.


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