Broad-view research in the Mediterranean system

  • A. Rosati
Part of the EAAP – European Federation of Animal Science book series (EAAP, volume 129)


Animal research in the Mediterranean Area, while sharing the global trends, has specific characteristics determined by the dynamics of demand for animal products and consumers’ requirements as well as by the natural conditions and production systems in the area. Demand for animal products in the Mediterranean region will be determined by the population growth, urbanization, increased purchasing power and special requirements of consumers. It is expected that the future demand will be met by imports from more efficient producers, local industrial landless systems and local traditional pasture-based and crop-livestock production systems. Research for the future animal production in the Mediterranean systems should focus on increased efficiency of pasture and crop-livestock production systems. This includes the efficient utilization of local genetic resources and local feed resources, innovation and improvement of traditional processing technologies and guarantee of quality and safety of local products. Priority research agendas at national and regional levels, such as EU technological platforms, are conducive to the attainment of these objectives in joint research programmes encompassing both banks of the Mediterranean.


production systems genetic resources research agenda risk analysis 


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