Qualitative Behavior

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Part of the Atlantis Series in Dynamical Systems book series (ASDS, volume 1)


In this chapter we will describe some qualitative dynamical properties for the positive elliptic, positive elliptic-elliptic, negative elliptic, negative hyperbolic, and negative elliptic-hyperbolic RE, under the assumption that they exist. (Examples of such solutions will be given in Part IV for various values of N and of the masses \( {\text{m}}_{ 1} , {\text{m}}_{ 2} ,\ldots , {\text{m}}_{\text{N}} { > 0} . \)) For this purpose we will also provide some geometric-topologic considerations about \( {\text{S}}_{ 3} \) and \( {\text{H}}_{ 3} \).


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