Complications of Chronic Pancreatitis

  • John Petersen
  • Chris E. Forsmark
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Chronic pancreatitis (CP) is a disease characterized by the progressive and irreversible loss of pancreatic structure and exocrine and endocrine function. Various complications can develop that require medical evaluation and intervention. The vast majority of patients with CP have the disease because of alcohol intake, and these patients often develop symptoms related to alcohol abuse, as well as problems directly attributable to pancreatitis. CP is burdened with numerous complications,but only a fraction (∼20%) is directly the result of pancreatitis or one of its direct effects. Most patients with CP die of respiratory and other digestive malignancies, coexistent chronic liver disease, cardiovascular causes, or postoperative complications. This chapter examines some of the more unusual complications of CP, including pancreatic diabetes, nutritional issues, pleuropulmonary influences, panniculitis and arthritis, gastroparesis, venous thromboses, biliary and duodenal obstruction, pancreatic fistulae, and pancreatic malignancy. (Exocrine insufficiency is discussed in Chapter 16.)


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