Ceremonies and Reciprocity

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The first Europeans to visit the region of the Great Papuan Plateau, Jack Hides and Jim O’Malley, led a patrol from the Strickland River to the Purari River in 1934 and 1935. Traveling northward up the Strickland, they turned east and approached the Bosavi region along the Rentoul (Isawa) River. At the confluence of the northern and eastern branches of the Rentoul, they burned their canoes and continued eastward on foot through the forest just south of the Giwa river. After traveling for six days without seeing a single person or sign of habitation, they camped on a ridge overlooking the Wamagula river in plain view of three longhouses situated about half a mile away on the other side of the valley. The native people were visible, but they seemed to take no notice of the tents of the European patrol.


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