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Monstrous to Miraculous—Same-Sex Reproduction and Parenting

  • Ruth Vanita


Most cultures perceive children as a divine blessing bestowed on individuals, couples, families, and society. Although this blessing is ideally supposed to connect with love between a child’s parents, children are frequently the product of indifferent, loveless, even hate-filled connections between a man and woman. Whether or not it is the product of love, the child is (or was, until recently) a product of sexual intercourse between a man and woman, for which the word “love” is often a euphemism. It is on the basis of this euphemistic connection between sexual activity and “love” that antigay forces claim that heterosexual “love” is blessed with fertility while homosexual relationships are cursed.


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Chapter 6 Monstrous to Miraculous—Same-Sex Reproduction and Parenting

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