A Hybridism of Sounds: Primo Levi between Judaism and Literature

  • Sergio Parussa
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The Hebrew word teshuva, which is usually rendered in English with the terms “return” or “repentance,” describes a moral practice of acknowledgment, reparation, and healing for wrongful acts that have been committed in the past. As a process that leads to a reviving of the ethical foundations of Judaism, teshuva is also a way of regaining the notion of one’s own Jewish identity, of the individual and collective sense of belonging to a tradition that may have been previously forsaken. This concept of teshuva corresponds to Primo Levi’s meaning when he described himself as “un ebreo di ritorno” (a returning Jew) as someone who had renewed his interest in Judaism only after the promulgation of the Fascist racial laws and the deportation to the concentration camp. His path of return to Judaism, his literary meditations on Jewish culture, may be described as a secular work of teshuva.


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