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On the evening of January 11, 1943, Carlo Tresca left the office of Il Martello (The Hammer), the newspaper he had published in New York for twenty-five years, and started walking toward a nearby restaurant for a late supper. As he crossed the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 15th Street, a mafia hit man emerged from the shadows of the wartime dim-out and fired two shots, which killed him instantly. In homage to his slain friend, the former Marxian intellectual Max Eastman wrote: “For Poetry’s sake, for the sake of his name and memory, Carlo had to die a violent death. He had to die at the hand of a tyrant’s assassin. He had lived a violent life. He had loved danger. He had loved the fight. His last motion was to swing and confront the long-expected enemy. So let us say farewell to Carlo as we hear him say—as he surely would if the breath came back—‘Well, they got me at last!’ ”1


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