Beyond a World of Binaries: My Views on Service-Learning

  • Tiffany Dacheux


As I read Sue Ellen Henry’s chapter on service-learning and the first generation college student, it became even more apparent to me that to be working class at a college with a more or less affluent student population is quite a peculiarity. On the surface, I, the working-class student, look just like any other student, save perhaps for a less splendid wardrobe, car, and various other accoutrements. It is only when one speaks to or interacts with a student like myself that the difference becomes discernable. I lack that casual assuredness that comes from knowing that this (meaning college) is where I belong. I tread as though it is borrowed ground, and resort to a self-effacing tone when I must (and indeed it is only then that I dare) ask for any form of assistance.




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