Theorizing Race, Theorizing Blackness

  • Adetayo Alabi


This chapter theorizes race and Blackness as major continuities in Black autobiographies. I examine the propositions of some articulate exponents of race as a social category while supporting its interrogation and political relevance in the African and African diasporic imagination. Race as a category for literary and political analysis, as a means of describing a group of people, as a way of differentiating people with different backgrounds, and as an identification and economic marker, has attracted much attention from scholars in the last several decades. It is as if several of these contributors ranging from Chinua Achebe to Carol Boyce Davies, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Kwame Anthony Appiah, have been following W. E. B. Du Bois s injunction that the question for the twentieth century is the color issue. Race is a particularly useful category of analysis in relation to Blackness because of its representation in both Western and non-Western imaginations.


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