Cracks of light: these words allude to a variety of phenomena on several levels of reality. The word “crack” may first of all refer to a flaw, or a split in the wall of being; but the word can also suggest an unsoundness of mind, a sudden noise, and a narrow opening. The world of relativity is a realm of flawed qualities, at least when envisaged from the standpoint of existential limitations. In this domain, splits are everywhere inasmuch as relativity means separation. As the process of creative and demiurgic manifestation unfolds, the archetypical purity of qualities becomes gradually altered by the flaws and breaks of evil and nothingness. Lurianic Kabbalah tells of a symbolic “breaking of the divine vases” in order to allude to this mysterious entry into the world of dissimilitude. The essence remains the essence, and its core qualitative sap remains fundamentally no less real below than it is above, but the thickening veil of existentiation makes it increasingly difficult to reach its pristine message. From a certain point of view Mâyâ is, and cannot but be, flawed; this flaw being nothing other than the trace of its being “relatively” unfaithful to Âtman. Demiurgic tricksters take this unfaithfulness to the limits of seeming absurdity; they take upon themselves to act out—or rather, they are sacrificed to the metaphysical necessity of acting out—the dimension of unintelligibility that is entailed in the externalization of the Infinite; they proceed to unleash this “scandal” by acting up and falling down.


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