Ethical Authority According to Three Ideal Types of Reality

  • Mónica Judith Sánchez Flores


In order to build the conceptual basis for a convergence of cosmologies, the basic premise of this work is that the ability to conceive and represent a “view of reality” makes human interaction different from any other phenomenon that an observer may call “interaction.” The “substance” where a view of reality is formed is the experience of time and language in disciplined practice. Science and the modern worldview conceived as disciplined practice require human entities that regard themselves as either observers in science or as historical individuals in modern life. Nevertheless, in a disciplined search for knowledge—which can also be seen as a search for self-knowledge—an individual or an observer is already necessarily embodied and is herself already situated within a view of reality and cultural inheritance that she identifies with through her own particularly human interaction and experience of time and language. Currently, the modern view of legitimate knowledge construes reality as organized around the notions of a subject and an object that are separate from each other. “Objectivity” depends on the disciplined distance that a subject may take from her object of study. This analytical distance may be useful in the practice and understanding of science, but my contention is that, to take on board that the possibility of such separation is the only source of reality is analogous with assuming sacred or religious belief as absolute truth. Belief and legitimate reality are based on cosmological myths as well as on disciplined practice simultaneously.


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