Tragedy as Turning Point: The First Shuttle, Mt. Igman, and Operation Deliberate Force

  • Derek Chollet


The new American envoy and his team—Bob Frasure from State, Army Lt. General Wesley Clark from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joe Kruzel from the Defense Department, the NSC’s Nelson Drew, and Holbrooke’s indispensable assistant, Rosemarie Pauli—left London the afternoon of August 14 to fly to Split, Croatia. With a credible threat of NATO airstrikes, Croatia’s military success, and now a unified diplomatic front with Europe, the Americans had considerable momentum behind them—perhaps more than any previous attempt to end the Bosnia war. But the Balkans were littered with failed diplomatic initiatives far less ambitious than the one they carried. Depending on how this mission went, the American effort could end quickly. Holbrooke’s team knew that they wouldn’t end the war with one trip. What they needed was a strong start.


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