Epilogue: America and Dayton

  • Derek Chollet


The successful conclusion of the Dayton talks ended one of the most intensive diplomatic undertakings the United States had pursued since the end of the Cold War (comparable efforts up to that point were the 1989–1990 Two-Plus-Four process that led to Germany’s unification, the 1990–1991 effort to put together the Gulf War coalition, and the ongoing Middle East peace process). Although the guns fell silent, events in Bosnia continued to occupy the attention of senior officials in Washington for years. In the weeks after Dayton, 20,000 U.S. soldiers were on their way to Bosnia and a massive international reconstruction effort began. A decade later, the United States and its European allies remain deeply involved there. While the nature of their commitment has changed—for example, in 2004 the European Union took over NATO’s security role, and American military forces withdrew—they still have a tremendous stake in Bosnia’s success.


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