A Liberal Future for Privacy Doctrine?

  • Juliet A. Williams


Throughout this book, my central contention has been that liberal principles do not in and of themselves supply a sufficient basis for resolving the question of how much government is too much. Based on the indeterminacy of liberal principles, decisions about the appropriate scope and reach of legislative power cannot be resolved pre-politically, but must be determined from within the political process itself. For this reason, I urge liberals concerned with limiting government to shift their attention from irresolvable debates about the nature of liberalism’s foundational principles to the question of how to provide for robust and inclusive public deliberations about justice within the democratic political process. Moving away from considerations of philosophical texts, this chapter and the preceding one take popular political culture as the subject of analysis, as I seek both to draw attention to the neglected aspects of the democratic decision-making process and to chart a course for future liberal theorizing about limited government.


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