The History of IPRC Politics: 1890–1993

  • Yasumasa Kuroda


Attempts to press for the passage of the revision of the Japan-U.S. Mutual Security Treaty in 1960 caused violent reactions from those who opposed the revision, resulting in the death of a young University of Tokyo student. Union members, students, and members of peace groups and others joined the protest in and out of the Diet. The JSP and JCP bitterly opposed the revision the LDP was pushing for. What was then-LDP IPRC member Kuno doing in the JSP office as demonstrations escalated? He chooses not to disclose the content of his activities in the JSP IPRC office, but he writes enough about his scenario writings and going through scripted “fights” in front of camera for the reader to infer a fairly good picture of what went on behind closed doors at least in part (Kuno 1988).3


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