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The Veere Paradise (1928–1931)

  • Cornelis A. van Minnen
Part of the The World of the Roosevelts book series (WOOROO)


Aboard the president harding running away to europe, van Loon met Dr. Alice Bernheim, a bone specialist at New York Hospital. The well-to-do, well-bred, and happily married Alice Bernheim discovered van Loon¡¯s name on the passenger list, tipped the dining room steward, and was seated at his table; several hours later, they felt as if they were longtime friends. Although she was petite, not quite reaching Hendrik Willem’s chest, she could stand up to him on any subject. More important, as a sharp-witted and perceptive listener, she was exactly the right person the psychologically wounded van Loon badly needed. In Gerard Willem van Loon’s words, Alice had “just the necessary combination of worldliness, clinical detachment, and humor to make her one of the chosen few whom Hendrik needed more than they needed him.” And in the next seven years he sent her an avalanche of letters expressing his inner feelings to this woman for whom he had a deep respect.1


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