Knowledge of the Bible and Scientific Inquiry

  • Eva Keller
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In chapter 5, I illustrated the eagerness with which the members of the Adventist church in Maroantsetra and Sahameloka engage in Bible study, both in church and at home. However, the Adventists are not only committed to Bible study; they also define what it means to be an Adventist in terms of knowledge of the Bible. This was captured in the phrase “Adventists are people who know the Bible” (ôlo mahay baiboly ny Advantista) that was regularly and emphatically voiced. “Why do we conduct Bible quizzes?” Papan’ i Silivie once rhetorically asked the congregation during a service in Sahameloka before immediately providing the answer himself: “Because the Adventists are people who have knowledge of the Bible.” This is why they promote the acquisition of such knowledge through various means such as quizzes.


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