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In the lives of the members of the Adventist church in Sahameloka and Maroantsetra, Bible study is the most important religious activity. Adventist Bible study is not a matter of the truth being taught by a higher authority, but of everyone discovering the truth for themselves by way of investigation and dialogue. Because of its use of a Socratic type of Bible study, which involves a continual process of Normal Scientific discovery, local Adventist practice is distinctly intellectual. The central question this book addresses concerns the nature of the attraction of Seventh-day Adventism for church members in Maroantsetra and Sahameloka. The answer to this question, in a nutshell, is that it is the intellectual excitement linked to the process of studying the Bible that is the key to local people’s commitment to the Adventist church. Bible study does, however, not only provide intellectual excitement per se. It is also seen as the road toward understanding the truth revealed through God’s wise words. Knowledge of the truth is available there in the Bible, and yet the Bible remains silent unless and until we make the effort to make it speak by reading and studying it. And the achievement of this process is indeed great. To study the Bible and to truly understand what it says is to see behind Satan’s veil of deception.


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