Evacuation from Leningrad to Kostroma in 1941–42

  • Mikhail Frolov
Part of the Studies in Russian and East European History and Society book series (SREEHS)


Two periods may be distinguished in the evacuation of the population from Leningrad during the war: the first before the siege began, between 29 June and 27 August 1941; the second during the siege, and clearly divisible into four stages, lasting until 1 November 1942. Thereafter departure was permitted only exceptionally and on the instructions of the City Evacuation Commission. This chapter examines evacuation to Kostroma and the role of Vologda and Yaroslavl’ regions in the evacuation. (Prior to August 1944 present-day Kostroma region was part of Yaroslavl’ region.1) These local authorities were the first to receive and accommodate evacuees from Leningrad and send those who followed deep into the country.


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