Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Universities: From the First Industrial Revolution to Knowledge Economy

  • Marina Dabić
  • Jadranka Švarc
  • Miguel González-Loureiro
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Democracy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for Growth book series (DIG)


The institution that we know today as the university dates back to medieval times, and it is surprising that it has seen so few organizational and institutional changes. Institutions for education in the humanities, education divided into scientific fields, the authority of a professor, exams, graduation ceremonies, etc., were defined during medieval times and have maintained almost exactly the same institutional and organizational structure despite all the changes that have happened in society.

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  • Marina Dabić
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  • Jadranka Švarc
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  • Miguel González-Loureiro
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  1. 1.Croatia
  2. 2.Spain
  3. 3.United Kingdom

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