Concluding Remarks: Video Games versus Books, and Other Egg-Endian (Non)Debates



In thinking of the video game player’s involvement in the multiple instances of gameplay, a comparison with a scene in a children’s story by the Bengali writer, Sukumar Ray (Ray, 1997), comes to mind. In Ray’s story, written in the style of Carrollian nonsense-literature, the protagonist has a bizarre experience: his handkerchief turns into a cat. The cat (or the handkerchief-cat), however, is not bothered by this metamorphosis. In fact, it claims that it is simultaneously a cat, a handkerchief as well as a semi-colon. This strange feline argument resembles the problematic questions about identity and action that video games also ask. In the three identities that the cat provides, each is equally valid and in effect, the cat claims to be all the three things and even more.


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