Space and the Frame



Space and the Frame explores how spatial awareness contributes to devising practical PeCap exercises in the MoCap studio. It draws from Oskar Schlemmer (1925), Henri Lefebvre (1958), Gaston Bachelard (1991) and Jean Baudrillard (1981–93) to examine how aspects of their work can be applied to a spatial understanding central to MoCap. It looks closely at the practical work completed in the workshop series and interrogates a group of exercises devised in response to the complexities of performing in both physical and virtual space.


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  1. 2.
    I preface this assertion by referring to the traditional relationship between the audience and the stage in theatre and not modes of performance that challenge the performer/audience relationship such as post-dramatic performance. See Hans Thies Lehmanns Postdramatic Theatre (1999).Google Scholar

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