Searching for the Spanish Epic: Antonio Muñoz Molina’s La noche de los tiempos and the Evolution of the Spanish Civil War Novel

  • Katherine O. Stafford
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In his 2010 El País review of Jordi Soler’s novel La fiesta del oso (2009), Javier Cercas writes that the Spanish Civil War novel is for Spain like the American “western” is for the United States. Hollywood converted one of the founding myths of America into the epic “western” film genre. Cercas argues that Spain has done something similar with the Spanish Civil War, and that Spanish Civil War novels and films “quizás son nuestraúnica posibilidad deépica” (“maybe are our only possibility for the epic”). Whether or not this is a fair comparison, Spanish Civil War stories have undoubtedly become a formative part of Spanish identity. Literary and filmic narratives of the conflict are some of Spain’s most popular, lucrative, and exportable cultural products.


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