Introduction: The Pulse of Modern Academia

  • Filip Vostal
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Critical literature inquiring into the transformation of academia increasingly features reflections and observations indicating how diverse academic operations, processes, experiences and activities intensify. Diagnosing the state of contemporary British academia,2 which this book is largely preoccupied with, Thomas Docherty warns that ‘structural impatience’ and the ‘need for speed [in academia] kills learning and crushes the reason’ (2013).3 In his book For the University, Docherty further stresses that academics ‘now live in a culture that has no time for professional experience or knowledge … [they] live in a kind of foreshortening of time itself … [and as a result] give no time for learning or teaching or thinking’ (2011: 144). Similarly, reflecting on their book-length treatment of the changes of the Australian university, Simon Marginson and Mark Considine note: ‘What was often surprising to us, during the course of the case studies underpinning this book, was the speed and the extent of the changes now taking place’ (2000: 2). Or, reflecting on the ‘hurried and harried’ American academia, Robert Bullough Jr noted how academics now need to absorb and manage unprecedented information overload, abounding numbers of publications and fleeting attention spans of their students, which results in a loss of integrity and control over one’s life (2014: 20–22).


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