Marketing the 50th Anniversary — Brand Management and the Cultural Value of the Doctor



This chapter considers how the BBC used spin-off texts — positioned as paratexts — in the build-up to “The Day of the Doctor” and afterwards. Anniversary publicity incorporated BBC paratexts drawing on its public service ethos. However, tensions between this ethos and commercial “fan service” inflected the anniversary’s blurrings of promotion and content, beginning with a San Diego Comic-Con trailer. Doctor Who’s anniversary paratextual array acted as a BBC metonym, standing for the Corporation’s identity. But brand discourses were never omnipresent: Who’s 50th confronted damaging rumours and spoilers via worker paratexts. And acclaim such as a Guinness World Record didn’t securely consecrate the show. Chapter 1 therefore considers how paratexts can open up devaluing discourses as well as aiming to elevate Doctor Who’s cultural value.


awards BBC metonym insecure consecration inter-paratexts rumours Trailers worker paratexts 


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