Conclusion: Prolegomena for Another Modernity/Authenticity

  • Bülent Somay
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Throughout this book I have chosen to explore the modernisation/Westernisation venture of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic from the point of view of how the people, and especially the intelligentsia, related to the changing father function of the Orient, and tried to analyse this experience as symbolic of the vast cultural transformation they were undergoing. My analysis leads me to the conclusion that Turkey’s ‘modernisation’ project as we know it, or at least a major phase thereof, is about to reach its conclusion. In Çağlar Keyder’s words:

If the project of modernity is to divest itself of its modernizationist encumbrance, then political liberalization, ushering in civil rights and the rule of law, is the next step. For the promises of modernization to be fulfilled in all spheres of life, for Enlightenment ideals of emancipation to be realized, and for individual autonomy to be attained, full citizenship rights have to be instituted. Only then may it be possible to predict the overcoming of the inertia of indigenous culture and its communitarian predilection and to avoid the slide toward a diluted form of hyphenated modernity. But first it is necessary to perform radical surgery on the moribund state tradition—in order to prepare the legal and political coordinates within which the public space of autonomous individuals may flourish.

(Keyder 1997, p. 49)


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