This quote was recited by Egyptian journalists after the revolution, and while it paints an extremely negative picture, it reflects the bleak environment journalists in the region are operating in post-Arab Spring. It also exposes the degree of self-esteem Arab journalists hold as a result of the political pressures and restrictions that they are dealing with. Moments after Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down, the wave of hope, achievement, and possibilities swept through the region in what had been seen as unachievable. Democratic representation and self-determination seemed a reality, more so than ever before, and the ability to build a representative public sphere suddenly became attainable. Yet that moment was short-lived, and it slowly became apparent to journalists that the positive outcomes of the revolution were only the start of a long and difficult road ahead, where Arab journalists would be working in even tighter climates that would continue to be controlled and monitored.


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