Regulatory Frameworks and Freedom of Information

  • Saba Bebawi
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Arab countries have been slow to adopt any national regulatory or policy framework to ensure access to information. In some cases, the development and implementation of regulatory frameworks that assist citizens and journalists to gain access to information have been instigated by the changes brought about by the Arab Spring protests, which in some countries have led to either a change of leadership or amendments to the constitution. Recently, some initiatives have emerged to enhance access to information in the region, and, in turn, the topic has become increasingly debated in many Arab countries. This chapter, therefore, will look into the policy frameworks that have been set up in the region in general, specifically in Tunisia, Yemen, and Jordan, as the main countries where policies surrounding access to information have developed. This chapter will discuss the implementation process, in addition to the obstacles that journalists face in accessing information as a result of deficiencies in these policy frameworks and their implementation.


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