The Rise of Investigative Journalism Globally and in the Arab World

  • Saba Bebawi
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Generally speaking, the historic evolvement of investigative reporting has not been systematic, nor has it developed in a regular and routine form. In fact, its emergence can be better characterised as chaotic and dispersed, where its successes in achieving change and making an impact have been occasional. Therefore, the evolution of investigative journalism does not translate into a continuous historical narrative; rather, it can be described as a cyclical evolution that is dependent on particular circumstances and conditions that relate to the media institution; the journalist; and the political, economic, and social conditions at the time. This cyclical evolution can be noted not only at a global level but also in the Arab narrative. This chapter will outline both a global and Arab understanding of the rise of investigative reporting, particularly focusing on developing countries, which have many commonalities with the Arab scenario. First, however, it is necessary to outline what is meant by investigative journalism.


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