Depression has been described as an undeniable need for authentic self-expression. After having failed in relaying gentle reminders of increasing intensity, the unconscious mind responds to a wake-up call, which manifests itself as distress. Reaching out to others can provide a means of healing. Anne Sexton (1928–1975) was a prominent American poet and Pulitzer Prize—winner who specialized in what became known as the confessional style. She was successful throughout her career and became a renowned member of a close-knit literary community in Boston that included Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and W. D. Snodgrass. Sexton’s theatrical despair and insatiable thirst for attention made her a cult figure in the literary community. The cause of this reputation, however, reveals a deeply depressed suburban housewife, burdened by mental illness and suicidal behavior. Sexton’s psychiatrist encouraged her to write about her feelings as a way of helping other mentally disturbed persons. Oddly, the musings of an anguished woman in therapy became Pulitzer Prize—winning poetry.1


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