Introduction: Contemporary Challenges in Risk Management



The Copenhagen Business School hosted the 6th International Risk Management Conference (IRMC) on June 24–25 , 2013 , in collabora tion with the University of Florence, the Salomon Center at the NYU Stern School of Business and the International Finance Corporation under the theme: Enduring Financial Stability — Contemporary Challenges for Risk Management and Governance. The conference gathered leading experts from different academic and professional disciplines for two days of intense discussions about the challenges associated with risk management in unstable and unpredictable environments. The conference attracted a number of prominent keynote speakers to present leading ideas on different aspects of the risk management challenge. These included Ed Altman (NYU Stern School of Business), Rich Bettis (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Phil Bromiley (University of California at Irvine), Glenn Harrison (Georgia State University) and not least Hersh Shefrin (Santa Clara University). The conference also brought valuable insights from corporate leaders presenting the experiences of knowledgeable practicing managers engaged in leading companies, such as the Carlsberg Group, Danmarks Nationalbank, Danske Bank, LEGO System and Nordea.


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