Ambitions Interrupted: Conditionalizing Human Resources Development

  • Joel T. Shelton
Part of the International Political Economy Series book series (IPES)


As the reach of the ‘European project’ extends south and east, conditionality takes on a number of ambitions that were unthinkable in the earliest rounds of enlargement. Far from being concerned only with the bargaining of high politics, institutional rules, regulatory standards, and legal harmonization, conditionality has opened up fields of interventions in Southeastern Europe through prioritization, programming, and evaluation that now encompass projects to transform the ‘human resources’ of candidate states prior to enlargement; the overriding logic of conditionality in ‘human resources development’ has been the vision of state, society, and person articulated in neoliberal accounts of political-economic life.


Labour Market Human Capital Personal Interview Social Inclusion Human Resource Development 
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