Apologetics of Religion and Science: Conversion Projects in Contemporary China

  • Dan Smyer Yu
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In the ongoing scholarly debate concerning the unprecedented religious revitalizations in contemporary China, it is commonly agreed that religions in China are not merely in a process of revitalization but have entered a state of rapid growth and transformation. The phrases “late socialism,” “market socialism,” “red capitalism,” and “post-Communism,” are frequently used to emphasize the diminishing public popularity of Communism in China. However, little research has recognized an unintended, but ostensibly synthetic, relationship of Communism with religion in China since the mid-20th Century. This social phenomenon of religion in China deserves a more complex analysis which can no longer only rest on assumptions of the once purely antagonistic relationships between religion and Communism, and religion and science as if these concepts and the social realities that they have (re)produced were entirely mutually exclusive and antithetical domains.


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