The Southern Front and Self-Determination, 1964–2011

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The story of the founding of the Southern Front movement of South Sudan, from October 1964 to 25 May 1969, is not a complete story in itself unless it is told together with the story of the March 1965 Round-Table Conference in Khartoum and then, with the third story, the first call by South Sudan for the right of self-determination. The formation of the Southern Front unfolded alongside the overthrow of General Ibrahim Abboud’s military regime. As a political story in itself, the formation of the Southern Front in Khartoum, in the early morning hours of 23 October 1964, is an important landmark in the political struggle of the people of South Sudan. This was the first time in the history of Sudanese politics that the South Sudanese political elite dared to question the right of Northern Sudan to set up a government for the whole of Sudan and then only throw some scraps to the South. The overthrow of the first military regime of General Abboud was inspired by the political and security upheavals in South Sudan. It was finally triggered by the killing of Mohamed Gorashi, a student at the University of Khartoum, by the regime’s security agents during anti-government demonstrations just 24 hours before the Abboud regime fell. The fall of the regime itself was connected with its failure for six years to politically pacify South Sudan.


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