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Conclusions and Policy Perspectives

  • Jan A. G. M. van Dijk
  • Alexander J. A. M. van Deursen
Part of the Palgrave Macmillan’s Digital Education and Learning book series (DEAL)


This book has shown that the command of digital skills is the most crucial factor in the process of the appropriation of new information and communication technologies. When these skills are inadequate or absent, new media cannot be satisfactorily or effectively used. Motivation may be the main driver in this process of appropriation and physical access may be the main condition, but digital skills are the key to new media use. Focusing on Internet skills, we demonstrated that better Internet skills lead to longer and more diverse Internet use and that people who command these skills receive greater benefits from this medium. By contrast, we did not confirm the opinion that more Internet experience leads to better skills, at least not in regard to content-related skills. Experience only modestly improves the medium-related operational and formal skills.


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  • Alexander J. A. M. van Deursen

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