The Innovation Zone and Innovation Zoning

  • Dave Richards


What does it mean to be “in the zone”? In terms of individual psychology, it means doing, being and feeling good, or great. It means being in a state of flow. This is also true for organizational psychology and the phenomenon of innovation zoning. I define “innovation zoning” as:
  • Maximizing innovation ROI — new net value manifestation — as measured and tracked in relation to relevant stakeholders.

  • Doing innovation effectively, actively engaged in it, trying, experimenting, perhaps even failing at times, but learning and improving.

  • Being an innovator, and ideally an innovation leader within a particular industry, market, or area of human enterprise.

  • Being in a state of entrepreneurial flow.

  • Feeling good or great about the tangible, measurable results, such as return on innovation investments, competitive advantage, and the resulting growth of share and profits.

  • Feeling the love, in terms of customer appreciation, feedback, value, advocacy, and loyalty. These good feelings will extend to boards of directors, owners, employees, and other stakeholders. Love has a tendency to spread. It’s infectious.


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