• Pamela J. Stewart
  • Andrew J. Strathern


Embodiment and emplacement work together to produce identities. The construction of a sense of place depends on human experience, and is strengthened by rituals and through structures of kinship. People move around also and create experiences of transplacement. Multi-site fieldwork involves the anthropologist in a matrix of changing embodied emplacements. We stress the people’s own creativity in dealing with natural disasters, as in Taiwan. Long-term multi-site fieldwork leads to complex perspectives on comparisons, which can involve finding similarities across obvious differences, or differences between cases that share many similarities. Productive analysis must often cross-cut putative divides. We call this process ‘breaking the frames’. We argue that the process must take the fieldwork experience as a fertile source from which such advances in theorizing can occur.


Ritual Practice Christian Church UNESCO World Heritage Site Complex Perspective Ritual Complex 
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