• Pamela J. Stewart
  • Andrew J. Strathern


Vivid first impressions of urban ritual actions at temples in the capital city, Taipei, influenced us in choosing Taiwan as a new field area from 2000 onward, with repeated field projects. We have combined fieldwork with cultivating academic ties through lecturing and by mentoring Taiwanese students in Ph.D. projects in the USA. Topics we have studied include the popular Mazu ritual complex among Han people, linking Taiwan and Fujian on the mainland of China. We explain our investigations into it on Meizhou island, in the Peng Hu islands, and in Tainan. Our recent work has concentrated on indigenous Austronesian speakers, especially the Paiwan of the Taitung and Pingtung areas, and their responses to relocation following environmental disasters caused by Typhoon Morakot in 2009.


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