• Peter Hardi
  • Paul M. Heywood
  • Davide Torsello
Part of the Political Corruption and Governance book series (PCG)


The Center for Integrity in Business and Government at the Central European University (CEU) Business School is coordinating a major international project on developing innovative teaching materials in the field of integrity and anti-corruption. As a first step, the Center is preparing an Integrity Curriculum Framework (ICF). The main aim of the ICF is to develop an educational curriculum in business integrity that focuses on the regional needs and specificities of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union bloc. The ICF is organized in a modular structure that ensures instructors the flexibility and, at the same time, quality of the content of teaching modules on integrity. Two rationales have justified the choice of a modular outline. First, in order to cover as much as possible the different topics that make up the complex fields of integrity and corruption, the adoption of a series of modules, arranged as core courses and electives, has been seen as the optimal solution. Second, the regional cut of ICF, focusing on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet bloc, has requested to reach a satisfactory degree of regionalization of case studies and literature specialization. This could be, again, best achieved only through a modular system.


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  • Davide Torsello
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  1. 1.Center for Integrity in Business and GovernmentCentral European UniversityHungary
  2. 2.University of NottinghamUK
  3. 3.Socio-cultural Anthropology, CEU Business SchoolHungary and University of BergamoItaly

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