Home Leave and Other Ways of Maintaining Contact

  • Peter Scharff Smith
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The possibilities for maintaining contact between the child and the imprisoned parent are far from always satisfactory. A particularly good form of contact, however, can be achieved when imprisoned parents are allowed “home leave” and can stay a day or two at home. In Denmark, home leave can be given to prisoners in connection with work, education or visits with the family. Home leave to see the family is granted more or less routinely for some sentenced prisoners in open prisons. They can go home every third weekend or so, or on special occasions such as birthdays, the first day at school, funerals and so on. Sometimes, depending on the prisoner and the situation, the police or prison staff will escort a prisoner on home leave. This could likely be the case when home leave is granted for a special occasion or to a prisoner in a closed prison or a remand prison (which is rare).


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