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Ben Jonson poetically evokes the extended mind in motion, propelled by the creative labours of another, namely Thomas Palmer’s emblem book. In Jonson’s mind the impact of Palmer’s ‘labours’ (a word recalling childbirth) creates worlds, his mind extending under their impetus until they escape his grasp; the myriad thoughts set whirling, wave succeeds wave in succession, gaining force one over the other as his amazement increases till entirely overwhelming him. Out of the depths, as Jonson struggles to contain and so convey his passion, there wondrously emerges forth this poem itself. The closing couplet reiterates another implicit meaning: the extended subjectivity offered by the vital persistence of the written word. Thus, more prosaically through the processes of reading, note taking, rereading, organizing, reorganizing, writing, drafting and redrafting my thoughts flowing outwards from the ponderous worlds of extended mind, critical, Renaissance and Shakespearean texts, this work has emerged.


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