Sex and Romance

  • Karl Spracklen
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Before I commenced the research for this book I had to put the project through my university’s research-ethics approval process. Generally the people who have scrutinized my research projects for areas of ethical concern or risk have never had anything to worry about — I do not undertake any invasive procedures such as taking blood, which is usual for my colleagues in sport science — but for this project I had one problem to resolve. I had to make it clear that I was not going to be watching or exploring pornography on the Net. I did not find this a problem as I am morally opposed to it anyway, but it highlights the dilemmas academics have with studying the subject. It is the one of the most significant parts of the leisure industry (Roberts, 2004), but one that carries with it immediate moral and ethical concerns. For my university, they are concerned with their reputation. For me, as a radical feminist, I am concerned with ensuring people know my moral position upfront. The research about pornography, then, is reliant on secondary sources.


Sexual Activity Social Medium Popular Culture Moral Panic Late Modernity 
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