Cross-Border Staff Mobility in German and Mexican Non-Profit Organisations



This chapter addresses a number of non-profit organisations (NPOs) headquartered in Germany and having subsidiaries in Mexico as well as one Mexico-based organisation and its branch in Germany. Different terms like NPO, NGO or Third Sector overlap and are debated in the literature, which poses the challenge to research projects to define them. For this reason there is a discussion on how the concept of NPOs is used in the first place; this includes remarks on the sampling of the organisations in our research (Section 3.1). In the following the case studies of the NPOs are presented, divided into three groups of NPOs: political foundations (Section 3.2), economic NPOs in the matching sample of the German–Mexican Chamber of Commerce (CAMEXA) and its Mexican pendant ProMéxico (Section 3.3) and educational organisations (Section 3.4). A comparison of all NPOs then follows (Section 3.5), whereas the comparison between NPOs and FPOs is presented separately later (Chapter 4).


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