Meet Your Research Team: A Smartphone and Sirius XM Radio Account—Accessible and Timely Financial Information for Busy Women

  • Nancy Tengler


If you spend as much of your life commuting, in carpool lines, or at the airport as I did you have just discovered a block of time in which you can conduct investment research. In addition to the school drop-off and pick-up line, I logged in hours waiting for delayed flights, in check-out lines, and at soccer and baseball games. My son’s freshman football coach routinely kept the boys an hour past pick-up and the only thing that prevented me from committing a flagrant personal foul was a stack of Wall Street Journals and piles of stock research that kept kept me productively occupied. Today financial information is easily accessible: each of the websites listed in the appendix can be accessed with a smartphone. Financial and news networks are available on satellite radio. As masters of multitasking, women today can accomplish a great deal more with the aid of technology than I ever could. I spent plenty of time on those aluminum bleachers; I had no choice but to maximize my time. And so can you, with much less hassle and fuss. And with a smartphone rather than a stack of papers.


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