Five Critical Lessons and Warnings: Don’t Touch a Hot Stove, Don’t Talk to Strangers, and Other Lessons for the Ages

  • Nancy Tengler


As with most things in life you will quickly acquire your own investing experiences, both good and bad. And you will likely develop your own lessons and warnings; perhaps a list of “dos and don’ts,” or “never agains,” or even “next time I’ll try.” That is as it should be. But, for now start with the lessons and warnings in this chapter. Modify them as you see fit, add your own, and remain firm in your determination to avoid as many investing pitfalls as possible. It is much wiser to exercise caution in your investments, to get on base with singles and doubles rather than to swing for the fences. Smart women take informed risk. Doing so increases the odds we will keep out of trouble, avoid big losses, and protect our hard-earned and carefully saved money. Our Intelligent Investing Rules will keep us focused. These warnings will keep us out of the weeds.


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